News Of The World

The way people get their daily news has changed. The average viewer gets news in many varying formats, and because of the rise and access of social media, the traditional news organizations are being questioned and accounted by and for a plethora of various outside news outlets or watchdogs. The additional “exposure” of news data, allows the average user to formulate ideas that were once broadcasted as “gold”. Viewers are now questioning more now than ever, not only the source of the media itself, but also are being enlighten or educated as to the outside or hidden agendas by their once trusted media outlets. Viewers are now more aware of the biases of those particular outlets broadcasting, and because of this, viewers are all searching for a new source for creditable, reliable, and most importantly, non-biased news, and now we got “NOW” news you can depend on, We want you to decide and that is why we say:

You’ll Be The Judge

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