Become a Referral Associate

We are looking for people to join our team. The main skill we need is a person that like to talk with others. Education is not that important. multi cultural is a plus. Willing to talk to Business owners as well as everyday people. Using a website is a must, we use our company website as our main information source. You can benefit from this job in many ways and support your community. We are looking for people that want to make extra money. We prefer people that already have a main job but looking for other ways to make money while still working. You can make up to $2000 for just one referral. If this sounds interesting fill in the "Referral Associate" form on this page.

  • We are currently offering:
    $2,000 for Realty Leads
    $ 500 for leads for home remodeling
    $ 100 for Website Development
    $ 100 for YouTube Video Channels
    There are many more companies coming up with other offers. A current list and training will be available in the near future.

Make money by making referrals for our members. Some of the members want more busines and are willing to give you a finders fee to find new clients and people interested in what they have to offer. Join our network as a associate and get a fee for your help. Everyone needs extra income and this is a way to support local companies and services.