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A solution for American Dreamers

          American Dreamers networking group, volunteers are here to help you. We are helping small local business. We have stated a free media program to help companies and local people that have products or services to offer. There is a need for a networking group to come up with solutions for small business people to market to other local people in the area. We work like a referral group, creating a media creation and distribution network we help people bring what they have to the average person to their phone. We have meetings on Sundays every other week in Garden Grove. If you are interested in our project or want to go to a meeting or meet with a volunteer call 714.798.9811 We have volunteers that meet with people during the week so we can help people with want they need assistance with. We have meetings based on interest of people going to them it is always best to call and let us know you want to come to a meeting or sign up on the website if you are already a member. You can look up the next event on the calendar. ( Note: if not enough people want to meet we will change the meeting to a future date.) There we can do a YouTube style film for you. Helping people address the issues by broadcasting their opinion or solution to others thru media creation and distribution. We help people create media about their products or services they offer. Our organization is made of volunteers. There you will also meet someone that can consult you on new technologies that may help you. We are interested in helping people connect. We offer others solution and help or inform them about important issues. Everyone has a dream we want to help people with theirs. Our volunteer group has come up with a solution for people. Be apart of our network to add your information about what you are passionate about. For some we can help you promote your company. Other people are interested in issues we help people share their story or opinions. We help people get their word out and connect them with other members,services and companies. We promote events where people can learn and share knowledge and resources. America has become a more divided nation. Instead of thinking as a Democrat or Republican, people should always think of themselves as Americans that includes everyone. Our volunteers are creating a sites to showcase local companies and organizations. Volunteers feel it takes people to offering solutions,products,services and knowledge to bring about change. We create media and videos as a public service to show people the truth about issues. Democracy depends on the involvement of people but if they do not know what the problem is about how could the possibly solve them.

American Dreamers networking group

         As a member you will be able to create a group profile to promote about anything you want. During our development period you can join and get a one year membership free. Go to the Invitation link and fill out your application to join. Once we get your application a volunteer will review it. If it looks good then our volunteers will comp you with a one year membership totally free.

A organization made of volunteers Call 714.798.9811


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