The LambCottage started in 2007

The LambCottage started in 2007. We were living on the central coast of California and were looking into land that may be suitable for growing food as well as living. We found this type of land with flexible use is not that available. So we started learning and developing ideas that people can use anywhere to build living space and sustainable living more available.

We have come to believe that a new migration is starting back to living in a more sustainable way. It would take people united to come up with a plan to do this on a massive scale. Why, you say a massive scale? People will have to relocate fast in the future because of climate and economic reasons. Many place will become not as desirable as they once were and offer no resilience to surviving the future changes that the world will be going thru.

How can this be profitable? It is a mater of basic supply and demand. In the first place a lot of real estate is really obsolete. It was not built in the first place to meet the real needs of people in terms of survival and building structure. No one builds more land it is in a limited supply. The houses and zoning of a lot of land will not allow people to live in a way that is more independent and free to use land in a sustainable way and the freedom to build and develop it to be use and many ways that can product income, food and built bigger and better for future generations.

Welcome to our project here you can learn from videos, other resources and our blog. We are a publishing company that helps like minded people connect. We help other people show and tell about what they do and companies or people that want to build a website.

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