A green referral networking group how to make green ideas possible thru commerce.  

Lamb cottage referral network

Make extra money and make the world green. A referral networking group to spend the idea of how to make green ideas possible thru commerce.  

We have created a way for people to help and support each other. The focus of what we are trying to do is share knowledge about climate change, future innovations and solutions. “ Change thru commerce “ is the way we think people can bring about change. Our group offers services to each other. Some people have free services and others have great products and companies that offer a verity of things that benefit people in many ways. You can make extra money and make the world green too. We have started a referral networking group, and have launched a website where people can connect. Our group is made up of business owners, young people, volunteers and people interested in making change with solutions that make sense. Join and start networking with members today. Members share the wealth with other members so you can get great commissions for leads that pay off. You can support the project in a several ways learn and share with others so people can learn and find new possibilities.
Learn more about our group by contacting a volunteer at: - 714-910-4719