A green referral networking group how to make green ideas possible thru commerce.  

Lamb cottage referral networkMake extra money and make the world green again. We have started a green referral networking group to spend the idea of how to make green ideas possible thru commerce.  

The focus of the group is the environment and how important it is to share knowledge about climate change and the future of young people facing this global problem. We have come out with a plan so people can make money and spread awareness and solutions. You can call for more information to help call - 714-910-4719

We have several great companies willing to pay you for helping them find new customers. We are a referral networking group. We help people that want to find out about good companies and services. Anyone can join membership is free. Some of our members share the wealth and give great commissions for leads that pay off.  We have developed something different. It is free to join and add your information, pictures and videos and it works a lot like Facebook even on a phone.

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