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We are the publishers of the "Passport to Local Companies and Services"

The Passport to Local Companies and Services is a coupon and map booklet we distribute in Orange County. People find it is informative and a great resource for people visiting or living in Orange County, California. The VP of our company came up with the idea that there is a need for a modern booklet that works with the latest mobile technology to deliver readers with a good information about the local companies and connect them services and products in the Orange County area. Companies can join our networking group and add services and products.

Passport to Orange County

We are a networking group about small business. We help and promote companies anywhere that want to tell their story or promote their company. People can find out about companies and services. You can help support what makes America Great and that is small business and local people. This is what makes America great not a person or a party. The truth is it is the people, that means play badge

There is no greater investment than you can make is using your power of consuming goods and services to bring about change. Your dollar is greater that the power to vote in our current society. The VP started his journey when I was 16 years old in being a small businessman. That was over 50 years ago. At that time he felt the best path for me was to follow my own decisions and not rely on others to tell me what to think and believe in. Just like the a cowboy, settler or immigrant, I wanted to shape my own destiny. That is why he wanted to run a business. LC Publishing is now a company where we offer services. Ours is a referral network for people looking to find quality companies that serve the public. Connect on FaceBook

People can find out about new products and services. You can add a listing by joining or network or buy things directly from members who place listings. Giving everyone the ability to find products and services people may need.


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