We have a organization in Orange County about helping to get funding for the homeless

Helping the homeless in Orange County is a challenge.  We make it possible to create Free videos and campaigns to raise money for the homeless projects and the homeless people who want to get back on there feet. We are in Orange County and we want to have a place to do work for the homeless and other people to help with media.  We do this thru our crowd funding,networking and media creation.

There are people out there that want to help the people that want to get back on there feethelping the homeless in Orange County

We have meet a lot of struggling homeless people by helping them to be seen by the public with making movies and listing them to our networking directory. We have worked with groups and individual musicians to help them develop a presence on the Internet. Currently we are working with several new homeless people story that want to develop their talents. It's great if make a living out of their talents.
We make that possible by making movies or creating fundraiser campaigns for them to fund their need. Our organization does this at a low cost or free if it can be funded with this crowd funding network and create and develop media for distribution across the web.

If you want to help our campaign to do work for a local homeless

Homeless that want to apply for free services should join our group. Or Call us at 714-366-9593

Let us know about you and your abilities. We promote your talents and do free movies after a interview or correspondence with a human resource volunteer.
Our goal is to help people that normally would not have the skills or funds to do it themselves.
Helping homeless people gives the people a choice about what is available and to learn about it. Connecting people that want to help to homeless projects or about them. 

The cost to start a good campaign and make a few video is about $500.00.

This is done by the members of our organization. The Lambcottage we are a group of media and web creators in Garden Grove, CA. We have several homeless people at this time that need help in promoting themselves with resource. We have started a campaign where people can learn about there story and that they may want to sponsor.
Our long range plan is to raise enough money to open a resource and media center called the Lambcottage.  We have already created a directory of members. These services are needed and offered at a low cost focused on technology, media and resources. We feel we can do more with less and build a center that benefits its supporters, members and people everywhere. We are a group that offers some free media exposure.

Contact us with your ideas. To raise funding for our project we trade and support networking between members and publish news and information about good products and services that we support. Our group is trying to come up with solutions that is our focus. Bringing knowledge and resources to benefit the needs of our members and supporters. Doing business and trade on a personal level with people directly is a good thing. Our plan is to create opportunities for everyone.

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