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About Lamb CottageLambcottage the wayside project  in Orange County is a new kind of Non-Profit.  We are just starting out we need  people of Orange County to unite to address the growing needs of both the poor and struggling small business  people of  Orange County.  When you look at both the cost of housing or business property rentals in Orange County the economic forecast  is not a good thing for anyone and getting worse. The poor and small business people  have never had hard times like this just trying to survive. We want to help people to help each other now our organization is a  volunteer network. We have a meeting place in the city of Anaheim and meet weekly. Now we offers media exposure and internet marketing services to local people and companies in Orange County.  We try to help small business and people to promote what they are doing. We want to give the people of Orange county a voice. You can schedule a meeting on almost any day of the week that is open with the human resource director.  Because of our knowledge and experience with the reality and needs of people forced to the streets we have the ability to reach out to others in need. We started this because a lot of shelters and organizations did not have the power to help many people. We find there is really very little help available to the growing amount of people that are in need of help. We want to build a network of people that can help and support eachother and others in need. Our project  is made up of people that want to build an organization that can help others and we are all volunteers.

These are different ways we are able to help others:

  • We help the homeless, disabled and those long-term unemployed with networking and connecting them to resources or promote their talents. After a interview with a human resource volunteer  if you have a good story, have something valid to say, art or music you want to share or an experience. Not all people have valid things to say. If we find you have something that is meaningful  to broadcast  we will see if we can do a FREE movie that people can benefit from.
  • We help people a start a small business if you have a plan. Existing companies that are struggling to make it we offer low cost services and a directory listings and media creation.
  • We help people in the arts such as artists and musicians to promote their talents. We can do a movies on peoples talents  so others can find out about creative people.
  • Any one that is interested in being part of our organization in the role of a fund raiser, volunteer or offering their services can meet with us to network. Our goal is to have a warehouse location to expand our services and help more people in different ways.

Note : Lambcottage is now working on a new plan to help the community by working with an existing non-profit, we have partnered with the Wayside Christian Fellowship. We will be organizing some of our plans with their help and meet at the location in Anaheim..  Lambcottage volunteers normally meet on Thursday  before or after the  7:30 – 9:00 study  it is best to call 714-366-9593 to verify that you are coming to talk about any ideas or how we can help you. To meet us just go to the Wayside Christian Fellowship at The Kreamer Building 201 E. Center Street. Suite 29 Anaheim Ca. ( go to the back alley side door were in the cellar of the building )

resource, recycling and the homeless

    Our organization is about commerce we raise funds thru offering services to the community. The services are offered by members to local businesses and people that have services to sell that are affiliated with or organization. There are local companies and organizations that are in agreement with our means of helping people and companies. These will be listed on our directory once they are registered with our organization and contacted by a representative. Some of the services we offer are on-line publishing, media creation and marketing of companies and services. We believe that the most effective way of helping people is helping them make money to better themselves. With the coasts of living to seems that we all have a common bond to pay for the cost of living, it has never been higher for rent and all the other related costs of running a business or a household. The air is free but we have learned that if you expect the state or organizations to help you don't hold your breath you will probably pass out before they will help you. That is why the most realistic thing we can do is help others offer what people and companies have to others. Ours is a platform of communications to benefit our members and supportersWayside Fellowship. Our goal is to help people a start a small business. This is what local economy needs. Most homeless people are not what main stream corporations are looking for as an employee. Many have skills and probably be better off working for themselves instead of looking for employment. Independence is what American was built on.
    We are an organization made up of people that provide resources. A resource is anyone that can help or needs help. If you like what we are talking about we encourage people to use our idea and do something like what we are doing in your community too. People with ideas to share are welcome to join our site and share your ideas and knowledge on our website. This is what when we say “Think Globally Act Locally”. Small business people are all resources, and if you think of it we are all resources.  Small buiness people are the ones that need help and from an economic prospective they keep the money in the communities and are the most likely to help people that are challenged by life. People who have services to offer are resources too, what we are trying to do is find out what skills a person has and connect them to who has the need. We doing YouTube video interviews to providers of services to the homeless, members, sponsors, volunteers,artists or  musicians. Anyone that can help is considered a sponsor. We have been amazed by going to places seeking help and finding that most organizations and churches only say that they help. We found they just they use homeless people and other causes just to raise money to benefit their own organization or better their agenda and are not able to help the people they say they help. Christ was a person like a homeless person that walked the streets if he did it sit would not be unused most of the week. The poor and small business people have never had hard times like this just trying to survive. We want to help people to help each other now our organization is a volunteer network. We have a meeting place in the city of Anaheim and meet weekly.  We are a faith based group and are looking for people that want to get involved  that want to help others. We feel that peoples economic prosperity go hand in hand with healing our economy and has a great impact on helping the homeless and people that are struggling. We are offering both spiritual healing and creating a referral network that can help everyone. You call a volunteer at  714-366-9593 Because of the high cost of housing in Orange County and the exploding population of people that are in need of help. A new generation of young people will experience things that past generation have never know. The law is geared to protect only people with property or a place to live. Both the state and the law is ineffective in helping people with no place to go.

We are an organization focused on solutions and resources

To raise funding for our project we trade, and support networking between members and publish news and information about good products and services that we support .Our group is trying to come up with solutions that is our focus. Bringing knowledge and resources to benefit the needs of our members and supporters. We are trying to make it possibly to connect people that are in need of work or have resources to the people that need them. When you think about it all your skills and everything you consume is a resource of a kind. When people buy directly for the person that supplies the product or service locally it has a greater impact on your local economy. Sometimes trade is possible that currency is not needed making it possible for you to get what you need from what you don't need or skills you have that you can put to use. Doing business and trade on a personal level with people directly is a good thing. Our plan is to create opportunities for the homeless, disabled and those that are long-term unemployed with commerce.
Think Globally act locally.
Our vision is to help the homeless, disabled and those that are long tearm unempolyed. Our organization can do what other organizations can't do  We are raising the money to get a location to work out of. What we can do in our new location is create opportunities for the homeless, disabled and those that are long-term unemployed with commerce.

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