Lambcottage Orange County Recycling for the people

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Lambcottage the Orange County Recycling program

LambcottageThe Lamb Cottage

We are a company by the people for the people. In other words we help people to help eachother. A organization made up of people that provide services, knowledge and resoures to benefit the needs of our members and supporters. To raise funding for our project we trade, and support networking between members and publish news and information about good products and services that we support .

Our goal raise money and create opportunities for the homeless, disabled and those that are long tearm unempolyed.

Lamb Cottage






Think Globally act locally.

How do we do that? Well this is where you come in. Those that have a brain and want to change the way things are. Everyone that works for our company shares in the profit or vision and falls into the catogory of homeless, disabled and those that are long tearm unempolyed. In this way we can do what others don't.

We think about how to help people thru commerce.

We are now going public with our new project. Become a member, sponsor or volunteer. Our purpose is to get to know business people and everyday people both. Share our vision, learn from eachother and build an organization to bring about change for the people by the people.

We recycle many things, even people. The only people that work with in the office or pouding the pavement are the people that society has thrown away. The ones that are homeless, abused and persecuted for one reason or another. Creating a organization to create media and a place where people can share resources in a positive way.

To further waste reduction, reuse, recycling and product stewardship through a network of volunteers committed to these goals. We encourage others to use our networking web site to advertise you group, business or service that has a positive impact on people, nature, health or the environment. Ours is a Not For Profit organization.

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