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All our money for our oganization comes from the work we do for others. This video explains our video production service.


Issues of social and political injustice and solutions for mankind.

People that have something to publish or say about the issues featured on the site or have a cause that they would like to feature are invited to join and participate in submitting their ideas and articles to be published.

Love Refuge thinks that the people have the power to stimulate and expand their buying power thru trade.

Trade is the oldest form of currency it does not depend on coins,paper money or government control. There is a economic dark cloud a head of us by trading you increase your revenue, you can have thing with no money, using what you have or your services in exchange for what you need. Another thing to think about is spreading your money locally. If you think smaller is better you are correct, doing business with small local companies or individual people has the greatest impact on your community. By doing business with large corporations money goes to corporate where ever that is, or in products made in foreign counties.

Love Refuge thinks that science hold the answers to many of mans problems.

Unfortunately the people don't have the rights to most inventions or solutions. The pattens and discoveries are not owned by people they are owned by governments and private corporations. This defeats the purpose of helping mankind instead it has built a corrupt nature to scientific discoveries and technologies that can help mankind replacing it with a natural exploitation of man beholding to governments and private corporations. They is a new movement similar to the open source software movement that allows people to share their knowledge, pattens and inventions for the betterment of man.

Lennonfarism is sometimes described as a religion but is considered by many adherents to be a "Way of Life"

the followers to not have a building and don't want a church, instead they services are held in nature.


Tuesday, 05 August 2014 18:35

Lennonfarism what is it about?

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A world-based spiritual ideology that arose in 2007.

When the founder Niko Zion after being persecuted for 40 years for smoking cannabis and plenty of other things and believes freedom is thinking and doing want every you want to do, just follow your heart and use your intuition guide you. His vision came from many sources even his childhood experiences. He was born in California, his father after world war 2 married a woman from the Ukraine and they settled in California where he worked for NASA. Niko was raised during the Cold War period and was a teenager in the Vietnam era. Instead of going to war he demonstrated and protested the war in front of what is now the Nixon birthplace memorial. He experienced many things a studied world religions and studied other cultures. At 18 years old he dropped out of high school and started his first business.

After 40 years of being a small business owner he was inspired to seek something more than money and what others call living a normal life. He has dedicate the rest of this life to his vision giving all he has to his followers.

He is a teacher that has people from over the world spreading the word of the new religion called Lennonfarism.

It is sometimes described as a religion but is considered by many adherents to be a "Way of Life" the followers to not have a building and don't want a church, instead they services are held in nature. They believe that to be close to God you have to be sounded by what God made for man. the earth, the sky, trees, flowers and all the creatures of the planet. They believe that people should be the guardians of what God made and that's what gives you life. food, water and all of that come from nature not depend on what modern man can build. Lennonfarism way of life that encompasses the spiritual use of cannabis and the rejection of the degenerate society of materialism, oppression, and the mess made by governments and large corporations. They are focused on a return to living off the land.

Mosses was a man that lead his people to the promised land and away from the oppression.

He lead his people for 40 years in the desert. Niko just wants people to see the truth and do something about it. After 40 years of persecution Niko saw the truth about life. The truth is the promised land. Their religion is an extension for any religion his followers are of all faiths. Lennonfarism can has help them There is no book to study instead he wants people only love each other and work together. His follows are refuges of war, hate and whatever people have be persuaded or hate them for. They are focused on sharing, networking, trading services and resources. Lennonfarism is focused on building Eco villages for the future. They see the world as a train wreck waiting to happen. The way it's going isn't good for mankind. Freedom is being free and they only way you can do that is to control your environment and manage your own resources. You come into the world with nothing and you will leave it with nothing. Wealth is not having to work and having what you need to live. Hard work is a constant in the community because they work the land and produce their food and land gives them their shelter. They believe in capitalism and enterprise and opposed to war,violence and hate. They see the visions of John Lennon and George Harrison from the music they created.


Patricia Pinto is a Certified Personal Trainer, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach and CHEK Exercise Coach certified by San Diego’s Paul Check

—a holistic health practitioner and neuromuscular therapist. Paul Chek’s program combines the study of the relationship between food and lifestyle, which provides the necessary tools required for successful coaches to improve their clients’ health and overall wellness.

Pinto is also a second-degree Reiki Practitioner who has obtained additional certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise.

Positioned as an assistant strength and conditioning coach with the women’s soccer and volley ball teams at Irvine Valley College, she also served as a personal trainer to disabled students on the campus.

Shortly after adopting Chek’s philosophies several years ago, Pinto improved her own strengths and state of well-being, driving her to be able to deadlift her body weight while experiencing more power and vibrancy than ever before in her life.

Motivated to implement a mind, body and spirit approach to health, wellness and fitness, Pinto established Holistic Core Integration, Inc. with a mission to share her specialized knowledge, training, and coaching experiences with her own clientele.

These unique holistic roots run deep into Pinto’s family history as her grandmother, born in Mexico, lived to be ninety-three years old, and never went to a western medical physician throughout her entire life. Her grandmother used natural herbs to heal herself and others in her village while she bestowed all the glory to a higher power realizing she was merely a conduit and her healing abilities were a gift from the mighty universe. Precisely like Patricia’s own life discovery, her grandmother had reached a realization that her own existence rendered as an all-encompassing vessel for healing. This personal and spiritual acknowledgement provided light to a significantly larger life force energy in gaining access to healing—an admission that provided Patricia with the ability to uncover her innate desire to heal others around her, just as her grandmother did.

In strongly knowing that her grandmother’s spirit exists in transparency with her own life, she continues to offer the gift of healing to others through the universal life-force energy of Reiki and her holistic lifestyle approaches found throughout her healing practice.

Patricia resides in Orange County of Southern California where she continues to heal others by helping her clients to achieve their personal goals while reaching heightened senses of their own self-discovery.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014 22:56 has been launched

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Our members in trying to build our organization has created a website to help people connect to new ideas, products and services.

Make Money

We go out in our local community and looking at the current conditions have seen that a lot of companies could us more sales and interest in that they have to offer. Many times they are even willing to give a little in order to get more business.

We built a web site to make it be known than many local companies are willing to spread the wealth.

That is what a Affiliate-networkers is all about. Letting companies tell about the type of Affiliate plan they have and what they offer. It is free to join so it lets people wanting to make a little money. Our site also lets people network and local companies let people know about their affiliate program. Affiliate programs pay in some way people as an intensive to create greater sales.

They go by many names such as Sales Reps, Commission Sales, Pay Per Sale, Multi level marketing, referral marketing and more names and concepts. The idea to share revenue to generate more business is a good idea.

As a charter member add video, photos, events, group or contact other members. Click here - Check it out and find out more.

Elderly and Disabled in home care services

The Lambcottage have a team of 2 people that are looking for clients in Orange County that need in home care.

We are a mobile service and can come to your place of living and provide you with some of our care services. Contact us at (714)798-9811


We do the following things for people :

  • We clean and tidy up homes.
  • We can do some repairs and maintenance of your back yard and do some home repairs.
  • We can go to the store and do grocery shopping and prepare meals.
  • We are aware of health issues and can get to on the path to heathery living and relive conic pains.
  • We help people work with the internet and can teach people how to work on-line.
  • Our company is called LambCottage. We are so interested in health, well being and sharing knowledge
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